What does a Teaching Assistant do?

What does a Teaching Assistant do?


The role of a teaching assistant is to provide support to teachers and to help children get the most out of their educational and social development.

A teaching assistant has increasingly become an integral part of the classroom environment.

Teaching Assistants can be found in both primary and secondary schools with the actual responsibilities varying somewhat depending upon the age group, level of qualification and experience.

The general principles however remain the same. Some of the key responsibilities of a teaching assistant include:

  • -Providing support to children in Mathematics
  • -Listening to children read as well as reading to them
  • -Motivating and encouraging children so they remain focused on the task or activity they are engaged in
  • -Partaking in lunch time and break duties as well has helping supervise children on school trips and events
  • -Helping the teacher prepare the classroom for lessons, for example the materials and resources required
  • -Assisting the teacher with the planning of learning activities and completion of records
  • -Taking care of children who are upset or hurt in an accident
  • -Supporting the teacher in the managing of challenging behaviour
  • -Clearing away materials after a lesson

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