What A Levels do I need for Medicine?

What A Levels do I need for Medicine?


The entry requirements for medicine typically include three A-levels, with grades ranging from AAA to ABB, depending on the university and program.

In addition, there are usually specific A-level subjects that are required, which typically include Biology and Chemistry. These subjects provide a strong foundation in the sciences that are essential for studying medicine.

You will also require a third A-level subject, which can vary depending on the university. However, common choices include Physics, Mathematics, English, Psychology, or a language.

It's also important to note that most universities require candidates to have achieved a minimum grade in GCSE Maths, English, and Science, usually a grade 6 or above.

It's important to research the specific entry requirements for the universities you are interested in, as these can vary significantly. You can typically find this information on university websites or by contacting their admissions office directly.

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