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ICB Level 2 Certificate (AICB)
ICB Level 2 Certificate (AICB)
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Course Description

Qualification: Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping (AICB)

Awarding Body: ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers)

Support: 12 months

Exams: Anytime

Study Time: Approx 180 hours

* Please note that ICB Study Levels and Membership changed in 2019 and these courses are the new versions.



Paying in Full: £549

Paying in Stages: Your first payment will be £99, then a direct debit will be set up for ten monthly payments of £50. Only available to students with a UK bank account.


Students completing this course and passing the exams will:

  • Develop core skills in both manual and computerised bookkeeping
  • Become an Associate Member of the ICB (AICB) and use the designated AICB letters after your name. This will enable you to work as an employed or self employed bookkeeper offering your services to sole traders

Your course includes:

  • Free ICB 1-Year Annual Subscription and Registration fee (normally £80.00)
  • Free Sage 50 Accounts Level 2 Software (available as a download) 


Upon completion of this course and the associated tests you will be qualified as an Associate Member of the ICB (AICB) and allowed to practice as a bookkeeper on a self employed basis for sole traders.

We provide you with support for up to twelve months but it is entirely up to you how quickly you work through and when you sit the exams. Your sage software will be valid for six months so do not download it until you have completed the manual section of the course.

Exams are taken online from the comfort of your own home (or at work). There are three tests you must pass to gain the qualification. If you prefer not to take the exams a certificate is issued proving completion of the course. You will not gain the qualification without completing the exams however.

Your course materials are delivered to you hard copy and are yours to keep allowing you to make notes, highlight things etc. 

Throughout the course you are fully supported so if you come across anything you are unsure of you can contact your tutor by email. You also have a support team by telephone.

At the end of each section you will complete an assignment which you will email to your tutor. This doesn't count towards your end result but it allows the tutor to ensure you are on the right track and help iron out any problem areas. Assignments consist of exam style questions so are effectively mini mock exams. The idea is that by the end of each section you are fully up to speed and confident you will be able to pass the exams.


There are no entry requirements but you must have an internet connection and a machine running Windows 7 or higher. The Sage Software will not run on any Apple Mac computer.


Topic 1: Underpinning Knowledge

  • Understand the importance of adhering to a code of professional ethics
  • Understand the legal differences between the structure of different types of businesses
  • Understand the specific accounting requirements for different accounting systems
  • Understand the basic accounting concepts
  • Understand the importance of legislation that applies to bookkeepers
  • Understand the importance of the Chart of Accounts
  • Understand the importance of IT systems in a modern bookkeeping world
  • Understand the basic principles involved in double entry bookkeeping including the format of the accounting equation
  • Identify the various methods of payment and receipts to and from a bank account

Topic 2: Prepare Business Documents

  • Understand the purpose and range of business documents
  • Understand the need to accurately prepare business documents for goods and services supplied
  • Understand the need to check business documents received.

Topic 3: Accounting for VAT

  • Understand the various rates of VAT
  • Understand how to correctly account for VAT in a bookkeeping system
  • Understand how to account for VAT transactions with customers in, and supplies from, other countries

Topic 4: Entering transactions

  • Understand the purpose of, and making entries into, a bookkeeping system
  • Calculate the value of equity
  • Understand how to upload and match bank transactions
  • Understand the use of control accounts in the system
  • Understand the purpose and need to record petty cash
  • Post appropriate journal entries into the system

Topic 5: Reconciliation and Reporting

  • Understand the purpose and use of the trial balance
  • Reconcile relevant account balances
  • Understand the need to correct errors
  • Produce relevant reports



Exams can be taken at anytime from home or at work. These are paid for separately and cost £31 each.

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is the world's largest bookkeeping body. The ICB was started in the UK in 1996 and now has over 150,000 members. The ICB aims to provide relevant and academically recognised qualifications as well as promote and maintain the standards of bookkeeping as a profession.


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