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Complete Beauty Course
Complete Beauty Course
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Course Description

  • Certified Facial Diploma

  • Certified Make Up Diploma

  • Certified Spray Tan Diploma

  • Certified Eyelash Extension Diploma

  • Certified Waxing Diploma

  • Certified Threading Diploma

  • Accredited by IPHM Holistic Accreditation Board

  • Full tutorial support throughout

  • No time limits, you have access for life to the course.

  • Practical and theory knowledge

  • 32 video tutorials

  • 4 downloadable ebooks to enhance your learning techniques

  • Study via PC, tablet or mobile

  • Professional kit available if needed

  • Able to obtain professional insurance upon completion



Paying in Full: £600

Paying in Stages: Your first payment will be £150, then a direct debit will be set up for five monthly payments of £100. Only available to students with a UK bank account. 

A full professional kit can be added for a cost of £590



The Complete Beauty course offers you six separate qualifications in one package, saving you over £600 in the process.

It will fully equip you for a career in the beauty sector, whether it's running your own business or working in a salon. 

Ideal for beginners or existing therapists looking to expand their range. You will cover

  • Facial
  • Make Up
  • Spray Tanning
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Eyelash Enhancement - Eyelash Tinting, Eyebrow Shaping, Eyebrow Waxing
  • Eyelash Extensions


Once you have purchased your course you will be granted access to our online education platform where you will find your tutorial videos and eBooks. The courses can be studied via desktops, tablets and mobiles so you can study anytime, any place!

The Complete Beauty course is broken into four modules (outlined below). Each module consists of a series of units which consist of a video to watch and a corresponding section of the ebook. At the end of each unit you will find a set of multiple choice questions. Once you complete these with the required mark you will be able to progress onto the next unit. There is no limit to the amount of times you can take the test.

Once all units in a module are completed , it will be marked as complete and the next one will open for you.

Upon completion of all the modules you will be asked to upload evidence of your practical work. Essentially this is before and after photos of your work which will then be reviewed by your tutor who will feedback any areas of improvement where necessary. If all is well they will confirm you have passed the course!

Your Diploma Certificate will then be made available for download via the portal and stored for you. 



Unit 1: Personal Standards and Practice

In this unit you will learn the importance of personal standards and what is expected of you as a professional working within the industry.

Unit 2: Hygiene

In this unit you will learn the basic hygiene rules to be followed, how to prevent cross infection and contamination, what sanitisation and sterilisation is and what methods to use as well as contagious skin condition.

Unit 3: Effective Communication with Clients

In this unit you will learn about customer and client care, how to build relationships with clients, how to effectively communicate with clients and deal with client dissatisfaction. We will also cover client consultation which is an important aspect for all professionals.

Unit 4: Business Promotion

In this unit you will be provided with business ideas, how to price treatments as well as how to work within a salon and as a self employed therapist.

Unit 5: Preparation of the Work Area

In this unit you will learn how to create a comfortable and professional work area covering the four basic principles.

Unit 6: Health & Safety Legislations

In this unit you will learn how to take care of all in the workplace as well as the latest health and safety legislations to ensure you are working in compliance and safely.

Unit 7: Insurance

In this unit you will learn the importance of insurance and how to gain it, disposal of waste and data protection act.

Unit 8: Being Effective at Work

In this unit you will learn job roles, responsibilities and working relationships as well as communication, effective teamwork and development within job roles.

Unit 9: Promoting Products & Services

In this unit you will learn the importance of retail sales, positive product promotion and sales techniques.

Unit 10: Retail Specific Legislation

In this unit you will learn all the current legislations specific to retail, product promotion and gaining client feedback.

Unit 11: Reception Duties

In this unit you will learn the importance of personal standards and what is expected of you as a professional working within the industry.

Unit 12: Taking Payments and Methods

In this unit you will learn how to deal with different payment methods and taking payments from clients.


Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology - Partial

In this unit you will learn the anatomy and physiology of the body and its systems, skin, muscles, blood and lymphatic systems, circulatory system and the skeleton.


Unit 1: Preparation and Products

In this unit you will learn the different types of products and their various uses within the facial and skin care treatment.

Unit 2: Facial Massage

In this unit you will learn the facial massage used within the treatment.

Unit 3: The Facial Routine

In this unit you will learn the step-by-step routine that you will follow when carrying out a facial treatment. It will describe each stage, including the facial massage routine through diagrams along with helpful hints. In addition to this unit, you have the training video to help you learn this routine.


Unit 1: Makeup Services

In this unit you will learn the reasons to offer makeup services, suggested industry times, specific contra-indications and how to prepare the client and treatment room.

Unit 2: Preparation and Products

In this unit you will learn how to use and select the correct products for your client.

Unit 3: Makeup Application

In this unit you will learn the different face shapes, how to apply makeup to correct different facial features, the order in which to apply makeup and the procedures as well as contra-actions and aftercare advice.


Unit 1: What is Spray Tan

In this unit you will learn the reasons and benefits of tanning, how tanning works as well as health and safety points.

Unit 2: Contra-Indications and Client Preparation

In this unit you will learn about understanding what a contra-indication is, how to identify these and then how to prepare your client for treatment.

Unit 3: Preparation and Products

In this unit you will learn the industry times and prices, special offers that you can offer to help promote your business and the products/equipment needed to complete the treatment.

Unit 4: Application/Procedure and Aftercare

In this unit you will learn the correct application to apply a full body spray tan along with relevant aftercare advice.


Unit 1: Eyelash Extensions

In this unit you will learn the benefits of lash extensions, specific contra-indications and reasons for as well as how to patch test.

Unit 2: Preparation and Treatment

In this unit you will learn the correct preparation for the treatment.

Unit 3: Eyelash Extensions Procedure

In this unit you will learn the correct eyelash extensions procedures.

Unit 4: Aftercare

In this unit you will learn the correct aftercare information to provide your client.


Unit 1: What is Waxing?

In this unit you will learn the history and benefits of waxing. You will cover when to begin waxing and the different types of wax available before finishing with alternative methods of hair removal.

Unit 2: Preparation & Client

In this unit you will learn specific contra-indications to waxing, possible contra-actions and client consultation/preparation.

Unit 3: Equipment and Products

In this unit you will learn the equipment and products required for waxing along with information on their safe use. You will also study treatment areas and industry times/prices followed by aftercare advice.

Unit 4: Waxing Procedure

In this unit you will learn how to prepare and setup the working area as well as the correct treatment procedure.



Unit 1: What is Threading?

In this unit you will learn the benefits and disadvantages of threading, the products required and how to select and measure the correct eyebrow shape.

Unit 2: Preparation & Client

In this unit you will learn how to prepare and complete a client consultation, how to check for specific contra-indications and specific contra-actions.

Unit 3: Procedure and Aftercare

In this unit you will learn the correct procedure for completing a threading treatment and specific aftercare which is to be given to clients.


To complete the practical elements of the course you will need various beauty components. If you do not have them you can add on the full kit required for the course. Below are the products provided in the kit:

  • Lash FX Remover (5gms)
  • Lash FX Sensitive Glue (5gms)
  • Lash FX Tweezer X Type
  • Lash FX Straight Tweezer
  • Lash FX B Curl 0.20 Odd Assorted Tray 9,11,13,15mm
  • Lash FX B Curl 0.20 Even Assorted Tray 8,10,12,14mm
  • Glue Rings (10pk)
  • Lash FX Sensitive Gel Patches (12pk)
  • Streaker Head Band with Velcro
  • Streaker Mask Brush
  • 8" Polythene Bowl
  • Kaeso Calming Mask 95ml
  • Kaeso Calming Exfoliator 95ml
  • Kaeso Calming Cleanser 195ml
  • Kaeso Calming Toner 195ml
  • Kaeso Calming Moisturiser 195ml
  • 2 x Yellow Cellulose Sponges
  • Crazy Angel - Kit - Angel Airbrush Petite System (200ml)
  • Tanning Tent
  • Crazy Angel Barrier Spray (200ml)
  • Crazy Angel Golden Mistress Tanning Spray 6% 
  • Crazy Angel Twilight Mistress Tanning Spray 9% 
  • Crazy Angel Midnight Mistress Tanning Spray 13%
  • 1 pair of Black Sticky Feet
  • 1 x Black Hair Net
  • 1 x Black Disposable Thong
  • Deo After Threading Treatment Oil (100ml)
  • Deo Witch Hazel (150ml)
  • Deo Threading Cotton (300m)
  • Deo Stork Scissors
  • Deo Eyebrow Brush
  • Deo Cotton Wool Pads
  • Glass Mixing Dish
  • Tinting Brush
  • Apraise Black Tint (20ml)
  • Apraise Blue/Black Tint (20ml)
  • Apraise Dark Brown Tint (20ml)
  • Apraise Liquid Tint Developer (50ml)
  • Eyelash Protective Sheets (96)
  • Seraclean equipment cleaner (1L)
  • Paper Wax Strips (100pk)
  • Just Wax Sensitive Creme Wax (450gm)
  • Just Wax Sensitive After Wax Lotion (500ml)
  • Just Wax Sensitive Pre Wax Cleanser (500ml)
  • Digital Wax Heater
  • Wooden Regular Spatulas (100pk)
  • Mini Eyebrow Spatulas (200pk)


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